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I design and build bespoke furniture in Vancouver, Canada. Designing and building furniture is more than a job or a career to me. It’s a way of life. I’m constantly exploring new ideas and taking inspiration from everything around me.

I love the creativity of designing, the physicality of working the wood by hand, and the challenge of merging the two to make a functional and beautiful piece.

High-level woodworking takes discipline. The skills must be learned from a master and constantly worked at to improve. You can often follow the line of teachers back several generations.

I have a huge appreciation for wood and the trees that supply it. Trees are one of the earth’s most important natural resources; they provide the air we breathe, clean our air and water, provide habitat for countless animal species, prevent soil erosion, provide food, cool us with shade, and generally make our world a more beautiful place.

Because my craft is founded in this invaluable resource I feel a huge responsibility to do the very best work I can in a sustainable fashion.

On top of my technical training as a furniture maker, I’m currently working toward an education in Interior Design.

This has been advantageous in helping me work with clients, architects, and designers to place my furniture within an overall concept of a space.

Thank you for visiting my website and learning about my work.

Jay Miron